Geeking out SXSWi Style

I love SXSW. My love isn’t for the VIP parties, nor the awesome bands and not even for the premiering movies (and i love movies). For me its all about the great geek that is Interactive.

For years co-workers have attended and presented, and I’ve been fascinated by the findings they brought back. One year, I helped a friend who was competing in the Accelerator competition, and in exchange I got a free badge for the favor. From that moment on I was completely hooked. I love the mix of philosophy, tech, spectacle and heart.

So, this year I jumped through some hoops and was selected to be a SXSW Interactive Speakers Assistant. Basically this means I will help speakers and panelists with all the logistics of making sure their presentations go smoothly. Cool, right? Well today I just got the list of topics covered by “my” speakers & and am officially geeked out to meet these people.

No Wallet? No Problem. Enter Mobile Payments.

Europe is Different, So Adapt Your Strategy!

How to Raise Awareness through Blogger Outreach

Wall-E or Terminator: Predicting the Rise of AI

Video Games: The Supreme Court and What’s Next

WARNING: Are Online Reviews Bad for Your Health?

Human Language Technology and Where It’s Headed

LatLong as New Keyword: The Business of Geotagging

The Connected Company:An Inventory of the Possible

New Media and CSR: Communicating Corporate Good

Not Just Tech Support – Online in India

Open Web, Open News: Reporters & Developers Remix

Social Media Cures Cancer and Speaks for Survivor


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